How Setup D-link Router For PC – Check Here Setup Guide

If you are looking for a guide that can help you in setting up your D-link router, then you have come to the right place. First of all you will be happy to know that setting up D-link wireless router is an extremely simple job. For dlink router setup first of all connects your router to modem, connect PC to network and then run setup wizard.

Attach the router to modem

Step 1:- there will be a power adapter with your router. Connect it to router and then to wall outlet.

Step 2:- run the cable from modem to the router WAN port. The color is often yellow that goes to Ethernet ports, but on the D-Link 624 and 524 port for WAN is of black color.

Step3:- in case you are using old model, then use phone cord to connect to DSL port on the back of the router.

Step4:- wait till the power is applied and WAN status lights are on.  This will take few minutes.

Connect computer to router

For wired connection: – use Ethernet card to the port on PC and other to the Ethernet port on the router. Any Ethernet ports can be used on router except for WAN port, which needs to be connected to modem.

Step 5:- you will see network icon on system tray

Step 6:- now click on the network name that is associated with router.  This information is available on the configuration card.

Step 7:-now you will have to enter the network key and password.  The password is also written on the configuration card.

Step 8:- click on the Connect button so that network can be joined.

Configuration of the router

Step 9:- now open the browser and then type your IP address in the bar.

Step 10:- enter the details and then press OK.  These details are available with the manual and are different for some of the D-link routers. You can try using admin and password for the password.

Step 11:-now start the wizard so that the router configuration can be completed. Click on the RUN button.  Your router is going to automatically select the majority of the settings that is based on the type of connection.  Then it is going to ask series of questions to get the configuration done.

Step 12:- now you will have to select the radial button that is next to the connection.  Most of the wired modem users must select DHCP unless you know that the static IP address or you should select static.

Step 13:- most ADSL and DSL users must select PPPoE.  If you select it then you prompted password and username. Enter the password and username that is provided by   your service provider and then click on the continue button.

Step 14:-now enter the details for the wireless network. Use a name that is easily memorable. The password should be combination of symbols, numbers and letters, but make sure it is easy to learn for you. now click next.

Step 15:- save the configuration settings and restart to complete the dlink router setup process. Reboot the router and now connect your computer.

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